Monday, February 3, 2014

Wrap up

Thank you to all who supported our feis. An amazing committee assisted us in our preparation, and over 100 volunteers made this possible.Words cannot describe the work that goes into planning this event, and we hope you all had an enjoyable experience.

Results are on FeisWeb, and our website.

We just want to address the floors. When we booked SUNY PAC for our second year there, we addressed the floors with the staff. They are professionals who deal with all types of professional performers all year round. When we asked for the marley to be on the stages, they convinced us their flooring was suitable for our dancers. And we agreed, and still do. However we will take the extra efforts that SUNY PAC has to offer, to make the floors more suitable to Irish Dancers. See you 2/7/15...

Lost and Found

We have a lost and found box at a volunteers house, and as soon as the weather gets better, we will post a list of its contents