Thursday, January 26, 2017

Feis layout

Click here for our feis layout

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Feis Info

Feis will start promptly at 8:30 am, doors will open at 7:30. Competitions may start earlier or later than projected
All Solo marks will be e-mailed.
All Champs are 3x up to and including u14
Full costumes and shoes for Champ awards.  Dancers will not be allowed to accept award unless in full dance attire.
3 Grades stages (Stages 1-2-3) First floor
3 Champs stages (Stages 4-5-6) Second floor - Hard Shoe FIRST Prelim and Champs
Marley in all theatres.
Judges and musicians list is on our blog
2 concessions areas with quite an impressive menu of healthy items. Breakfast and lunch. And don't miss out on our delicious soda bread.
We'll be offering lots of breakfast options from bagels and donuts to fruit and yogurt. There will be a lunch special that includes sandwich,
chips and a drink. We'll also be providing gluten-free and nut-free snacks as well! CASH ONLY please!
Medals rounds for Open Champs
Sashes for top 5 in Prelim and Open Champs
FeisWeb deluxe tabulation service
Large parking lot right outside PAC, Lot W-1 AND W-2 …No parking in red lined spaces.
Supervised dress shop, $5 per dress
12 vendors (list on our blog)
American Girl Doll, with Irish Dance Dress Raffle
Elevator (handicap access) to second floor is across from main entrance. Volunteers and PAC staff will show you the way.
Handicap bathroom on the second floor
Campus is monitored by State Police and the speed limit is 30mph
SUNY is a smoke free campus.
NO FOOD OR DRINKS allowed in the theatres *** WATER ONLY
NO MAKE UP APPLICATION IN THEATRES *** Please us the bathroom for putting on make-up
THERE IS PLENTY OF MIRROR/COUNTER SPACE***and 30 stalls in the women's room
Each theatre has a handicapped section, this space is for handicapped only. Those seated in this area who are not handicapped will be
asked to relocate.
Soda bread entries please drop off your entry at the Registration table by 12pm. If you are unable to drop off by then,
email us at  to make other arrangements.
Results and announcements during the day will be posted via Twitter @orourkefeis and Facebook
Please email questions and concerns to
Anyone who does not comply with the rules of our event, the NAFC or with SUNY will be asked to leave the premises. 
Safe travels and see you all Saturday

Monday, January 23, 2017

2017 schedule

Our 2017 schedule can be found here